Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What’s it like working in a fast growing company?

When I was asked to write a blog entry, I thought for a long time about what credit management areas and topics I felt passionate about and then it became apparent, the thing that I can write most about with ease and confidence is working at TDX and what it’s like working in a fast growing company. 

I’ve worked here for nearly 7 years now and throughout that time whenever anyone outside of the company has asked me what I do, I’ve always responded with a similar answer….I work for a young, exciting Financial Services company based in Nottingham. I don’t very often talk about my individual role to people, because for me, working at TDX is more about feeling part of a group, feeling part of something unique and dynamic and ultimately feeling like you can make a difference to the success of the business. 

When I joined back in 2006 as a Junior Business Analyst there were probably around 30 colleagues, there are now in excess of 300. Back then we only had a few clients based in the UK, we now have a client portfolio across a wide range of industry sectors and have a strong market presence in Europe, South America and Australia. The growth in such a short space of time has been incredible and what’s amazing is that the trend is continuing. As we continue to invest in new products, new ideas, new ways of working our opportunity to grow keeps on expanding. I’ve never been bored working at TDX and looking at the upcoming plans it’s fairly safe to say that I won’t be anytime soon. 

Some of the highlights for me so far whilst working at TDX have been: 

Rolling out new technology to  our clients
  • Identifying a genuine business problem and working with the whole IT team, as well as our clients and suppliers, to deliver something innovative which drives a tremendous amount of value within the recoveries process
Migrating with a major telecommunications company onto our recoveries management service
  • Having the opportunity to work with such a large organisation and deliver an important project, as well as helping build the start of a long term partnership
Going live with PLATO
  • Seeing our former system  (which the team I joined in 2006 was responsible for) evolve into the largest debt management and placement platform in the UK, PLATO
Working to roll  PLATO out to market and on-board blue chip clients in the UK, Europe and Australia 
  • Being part of a young, enthusiastic team whose willingness to go the extra mile has helped deliver a host of significant projects and implementations over the years
Some of the people I have worked with at TDX are just plain and simply amazing in terms of how much they are able to get through and their desire to deliver excellence

Having a role you enjoy, but which also challenges you, is a rarity for many people, but I’m happy to be able to say I do have that here. Feeling like you can make a difference to a business is a powerful motivator for many, and perhaps one of the main reasons TDX has bucked the downwards economic trend. Long may it continue. 

By Antony Dear, Head of PLATO, TDX Group

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