Thursday, 5 December 2013

TDX Graduates: The “Eric the eels” of the debt industry

Having completed my first month as one of the new graduate trainees on the rotational scheme at TDX, I feel like the time is right to write a blog about my experiences to date. After a bit of thought, I felt there was only one thing in my mind that I could write about - being thrown in at the deep end in a fast paced world; immediately learning a lot and contributing to the organisation.

Analogies of Michael Phelps jumped to mind, but at this point I could hardly compare myself to the best in the field. Instead I thought back to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and a man called Eric Moussambani, better known as Eric the eel, who represented Equatorial Guinea in the 100m freestyle. A man with little experience compared to the others around him, yet given plenty of responsibility, really resonated with me in this instance, as that was me in September.

Fresh out of Swansea University I joined the TDX advisory team, with limited experience. Within days of starting I had been given my first project, where I would take the lead reviewing an internal process with support from other members of the team – whose help was invaluable.  Their friendliness and willingness to help was surprising, especially to someone who had a more stereotypical  impression of what life would be like in a successful and growing business.

Initially my reaction was to question my own ability, and whether I would meet expectations. I won’t lie, the task was hard and I felt some pressure as, at the end of the day, the responsibility fell on my shoulders, but I worked hard at the project and the helpful nature of everyone that I came into contact with meant that I could draw some interesting and helpful conclusions.

As a graduate, this approach of immediate involvement and responsibility has great benefits. I already have an appreciation for how I am supporting the wider business in achieving its goals, and I am developing my skills from day one and learning a great deal.

My key learning from this is that in a fast paced, growing company like TDX everyone is given opportunities and a chance to shine from day one, much like the wildcard draw designed to encourage developing countries without expensive training facilities. Like Eric the eel I surprised myself with the success I achieved. Although his success had a huge element of luck, mine was driven by both hard work and support from a great team.

Ben Dalton, Graduate Trainee, TDX Group.

See more about the Advisory team here.

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